Craig Martin, Glasgow Employer Board, Glasgow Airport

Since graduating from University of Strathclyde, Craig has spent his entire career as a HR professional working across various industrial sectors for companies such as the Weir Group and the McVitie’s division of United Biscuits. In January 2011, he joined Glasgow Airport as the Head of HR and has been a key member of the leadership team during a successful period of growth. In addition to his role at the airport, Craig is Chair of Glasgow Welcomes, the city’s tourism service initiative and is Chair of the Glasgow Employer Board which has responsibility for leading the Developing the Young Workforce initiative in the city.

Throughout his career, Craig has been passionate about giving young people the opportunity to grow and fulfil their potential. Whilst this is undoubtedly the right thing do, he also strongly believes there is a need for a robust talent pipeline of the right skilled people for individual businesses and the city to thrive.