Stuart Yuill, Consillium Chartered Accountants

Stuart was a career banker for 34 years. He did everything from standing in the City Bakeries queue (most folk reading this won’t remember them) for the staff’s lunches when “the junior” to being involved in multi-million-pound transactions and leading numerous teams of experienced people along the way. It was a great career and he learned lots that he still puts to good use. He left Banking in 2010 and started his consultancy business. He has been an Associate with Consilium Chartered Accountants since early 2014 and since 2015 have been undertaking an Executive Director role with DSL Business Finance.

His passion for the DYW initiative comes from an inherent belief that within all young people there is talent that needs identified, encouraged and developed. He went to University but left after a year. He fell into Banking by accident and it turned out to be “his thing”. He worked hard, did his professional qualifications and never looked back. He believes that there’s no good reason why others don’t do the same.