DYW Glasgow brings industry together with education to build valuable and relevant skills within today’s young workforce.

Closer working between education and business lies at the heart of the effort to reduce youth unemployment. Increased business engagement with schools and colleges gives young people a better insight into the world of work to help them make more informed choices and gain the skills, knowledge and qualities they need to be successful in the workplace.

Impact report

Employer engagement in schools is high on the political agenda in Scotland and research has shown the positive impacts employer engagement has on both pupils and businesses alike. In total, the findings of 62 studies are included in this report and show the difference that employer engagement makes to young people.

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Understanding the skills opportunity for today & tomorrow in Glasgow

This report sets out the current skills landscape in Glasgow and the wider city-region, focusing on the labour market experience of young workers and aims to feed in to the larger conversation on the economic development of the Glasgow city region.  

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Tiers of engagement

Business engagement with education is crucial in the effort to reduce youth unemployment.

Did you know...

In May 2019, DYW Glasgow helped expose over 1000 young people
to industry through our Maximise May initiative?

Our engagement model supports business to engage with young people and is designed to reflect the intensity of employer support and the volume of employers required to achieve it - all levels are equally important in engagement with education.

Engaging with Education - Tiers of Engagement


Tier 1: Schools and Business Partnership
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This is a long-term mutual relationship between a school and an employer. These partnerships provide a lasting impact on the school and young people - while this level of activity requires more time than the others, the DYW Glasgow team and in-school DYW Leads are there to facilitate the relationship. We currently support 43 business partners across our 35 secondary schools.

Many of our business partners will complete activities across the tiers of engagement and DYW Glasgow can support you to engage with education in a way that suits your business.

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CASE STUDY: Glasgow Hilton and Parkhill Secondary School

“STV are delighted to partner with Lochend Community High school to build a programme of activities to enable the pupils to enhance their employability skills. We aim to better equip our young people with an understanding of what is expected in their future careers by supporting their academic learning with vocational and transferable skills.”

Suzanne Burns, Director of HR and Communications, STV

Tier 2: Activity
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This level of activity needs fewer employers than but requires more time than the interaction tier. Activities at this level could include workplace tours, career talks, mentoring or project delivery.

CASE STUDY: Concrete in the Classroom

Opportunities can be posted on Marketplace where schools can directly register for activities. See Marketplace.

Find out about upcoming opportunities in Glasgow Secondary Schools here.

Tier 3: Interaction
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This fundamental level of engagement is low intensity but requires a significant number of employers and includes activity such as careers fairs.

Can your business offer a workplace tour or work placement? Opportunities can be posted on Marketplace where schools can directly register for activities. See Marketplace.

Find out about upcoming opportunities in Glasgow Secondary Schools here.

Contact us to discuss how your business can engage with education with a member of the DYW Glasgow team.