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DYW Glasgow sponsors VentureJam 2017

DYW Glasgow is sponsoring VentureJam 2017, now in its third year, giving young people in Scotland the chance to develop innovative ideas for the energy market.

A total of 40 young people will work in teams to create the best ideas for the energy market, with support from mentors across industries such as television, gaming, product design and digital media.

The three-day event, organised by Glasgow City of Science and Innovation and Young Scot, is open to all Scots between 14 and 20 with an interest in arts, music, science and gaming, as well as future entrepreneurs.

The two teams with the best ideas will pitch to win a VIP meeting with Chris van der Kuyl, who is currently working on console editions of Minecraft for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Chris van der Kuyl said: "Scotland's future belongs to our young people and VentureJam is a really exciting opportunity for them to try and address the issue of how they can re-purpose existing products and tech."

Application forms for the event at Glasgow Science Centre from August 18 to 20 can be found here.

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