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DYW launch Ambassadors

We are excited to announce that have recently launched DYW Glasgow ambassadors who will advocate on our behalf and help increase awareness of our work through their various networks. All the ambassadors have been working with DYW Glasgow in some capacity for some time, whether this is Schools and Business Partnerships, delivering work based tours or engaging with schools through the online portal Marketplace.

These ambassadors understand the importance of engaging with young people at an earlier age, whether this is to help their talent pipeline, increase awareness of their industry, recruitment or as part of their CSR. They can speak with knowledge about the benefits to help with our target of reducing unemployment by 40% by 2021.

Ryan James, Managing Director of Two Fat Ladies and a DYW ambassador, recruits young people into his business said: 

“We work closely with DYW Glasgow to take on young people from a variety of employability schemes. It’s a one-stop service and makes the whole process so much simpler for us to invest in and help young people, which is really important to us as a business.  We were lucky to have funding support from Glasgow Guarantee to take on a young person after she completed Skills Development Scotland’s Certificate of Work Readiness programme with us. This young person, Amy, who had little experience is now our senior chef de partie which I am incredibly proud of.”

Investing in the young workforce has so many benefits to businesses as well as young people. Recent research by Rocket Science showed that work placements and other forms of engaging with pupils about to enter the workforce minimise the risks associated with hiring new staff. Businesses who engage with teachers and pupils help their employees develop a range of soft skills…volunteering in schools is a ‘cost effective’ way to develop certain core competencies”  

As well as this young people find engaging with employers more helpful for making career choices than relying on public information or close ties (i.e. parents or friends), young people who undertook four or more employer engagement activities are 86% less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training)”

Our ambassadors came together to host a lunch bringing together like-minded businesses to hear more about the work of DYW Glasgow. The lunch was a huge success with Leona Seaton, Programme Director giving an overview of DYW Glasgow, Deyrick Smith from Clydesdale Bank gave an overview of engaging with schools from a business perspective and Lisa Pierotti, Head Teacher at St Pauls who presented on the benefits business engagement brings to the school and young people. It was inspiring to hear directly from Lisa as to the benefits employer engagement brings including opening up their young people to new sectors/careers they have never thought off as well as inspiring them to think about ambitious careers.

Meet our Ambassadors here

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