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DYW and Microsoft UK deliver coding session to students

Developing the Young Workforce Glasgow (DYW) has hosted an information and coding session for pupils at Hillpark Secondary School, led by a team of staff from Microsoft.

The session was delivered on June 14 to 150 S3 students, who were divided into small teams to complete interactive coding activities using Microbits and Surface Pro devices to complete challenges.

The team of four staff members also delivered a presentation detailing each of their varied routes into employment at Microsoft, which included internships, graduate level apprenticeships and modern apprenticeships. Pupils were also encouraged to stay after the session ended to discuss entry into Microsoft employee training programmes.

DYW is the Scottish Government’s national strategy for strengthening links between businesses and education with the headline aim of reducing youth unemployment by 40% by 2021. DYW engages employers with a range of partner-led youth employment and development initiatives to help develop skilled, talented and work-read young people.

Alison McRae, senior director at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce which hosts DYW Glasgow, said “We’re very grateful to Microsoft for partnering with us for this event to showcase the wide range of routes into employment for young people.

“It’s important for pupils to see what they can go on to do with their education, and the Microsoft team, with their varied educational and workplace experiences, are all excellent examples.”

Timothy Licari, an account executive at Microsoft UK who helped to deliver the session, commented: “I was really impressed by the calibre of students, who were able to code some very complex algorithms in a matter of minutes. Throughout the day they displayed great energy and worked well together in teams to solve the challenges they’d been assigned.

“I hope the experience has helped to fuel a passion for coding, which is becoming such an important skill for our economy and could set these students on a very successful career path.”

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