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HLM Architects has been recognised this month by Developing the Young Workforce, Glasgow, for its commitment to helping young people prepare for the world of work through career inspiration, practical support with mock interviews, and work-ready project work.

HLM Architects is a leading design and architecture practice with studios in Glasgow, and across the UK and Internationally. The business provides design and architecture skills across eight areas of the public and private sector including; Healthcare, Living & Communities, Defence, Hospitality Leisure & Culture, Workplace & Civic, Emergency Services, Custodial & Justice and Education.

Amy Ogilvy, Marketing Executive and DYW Ambassador, is a keen advocate of inspiring young people about the many different paths available to them in her industry.

Amy has been involved with DYW since late 2017 and was keen to build on her experience of working with Founders4Schools, which matches employers with teachers wishing to bring their curriculums to life with talks from industry professionals.

HLM Architects now has an ongoing partnership with Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu (Glasgow Gaelic School) and the team have an exciting programme of work planned for 2019, including launching a new design competition. As part of the programme, they are encouraging young people to use their initiative and show an eagerness to learn, as those are some of the key qualities that the company looks for in their own staff.

HLM have worked across different parts of the school, including recently with Primary 3 classes supporting their ‘Houses and Homes’ project by sending an architect to look at their futuristic homes designs and answer any questions they had on the profession. They are also on hand to support students with their personal statements for university and other areas where the teachers feel employer input would be valuable across the academic year.

Amy Ogilvy, Marketing Executive, HLM Architect says:

“We have found working with DYW and Founders4Schools a really rewarding experience for our business. I love seeing the ‘lightbulb moment’ that young people have when we explain the many different skills needed by our business and the paths available to them. It is also great for us to experience the way they bring new thinking and ideas to the projects we are working with them on.

On a personal level, it has also been a great way of building my confidence in public-speaking and presentation skills. I would urge other employers to speak to one of the DYW Glasgow team to find out more about getting involved.”

DYW Glasgow is hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Alison McRae, Senior Director, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said, “We are delighted that HLM Architects is our employer of the month. It is great to see the range of work they are doing to help young people realise their potential and prepare them for a bright future in the world of work here in Glasgow.”