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The hospitality industry can offer students flexible shifts, summer jobs and employment offers for a year ‘out’ which can be attractive to those who want to earn while they learn.

However, there are also an eclectic range of exciting and rewarding career paths in the hospitality industry, post-education, which can lead to new experiences and the opportunity to build key skills.

As a student, I worked in a Hotel Banqueting Department which was long and tiring, but also helped me discover a passion for hospitality. 25 years later, I am fortunate to have career that has allowed me to work with great people, do some great work and obtain some great skills.

After leaving university after four years with a BA Business Management with HRM degree, I knew I wanted to explore building a Human Resources career in a business that was focused on people. Therefore, I returned to the industry that had been a big part of my life as a student and I have never looked back.

I have worked at Marriott International for almost 10 years. My role as Assistant Cluster Director of HR is to open doors for people who wish to pursue careers in hospitality. I am responsible for developing talent and building a talent pipeline. As well as bringing in new people, we also have an exceptional workforce in our Hotels and we invest in our talented people through offering great training, learning and development opportunities.

Hospitality is a global industry and my career to date has offered me the opportunity to discover new countries, new cultures and to interact daily with people from all walks of life.  Every day at work is different and I am able to use the skills I have acquired to participate in a great variety of exciting assignments.