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Glasgow Science Centre’s GSCAtHome videos hit one million views

Glasgow Science Centre’s GSCAtHome series has racked up one million views across its social media channels from all over the world. 

GSCAtHome launched the week lockdown began in Scotland. The team decided that, although Glasgow Science Centre might be closed, children and young people shouldn’t have to miss out on science. 

Each day at 10am, the GSCAtHome team released new science content, mostly videos of experiments that people could do at home. 

One hundred science videos have been released. 

The series has now racked up one million views, and participants aren’t just from Glasgow. People across Scotland and the UK have tuned in, as well as from places like the USA, Australia and Indonesia.

Richard Lochhead, the Scottish Government science minister, said: “Well done to the Glasgow Science Centre team for the success of their GSCAtHome online learning programme, producing 100 videos and achieving more than one million views since launching in March. 

“The commitment and dedication of the Glasgow Science Centre team ensured the continued delivery of STEM learning opportunities through the creative and innovative use of online learning. 

“This fantastic resource has supported parents, teachers, young people and communities over the past four months underpinning the important role that Scotland’s science centre’s play in making STEM accessible to a wide range of audiences of all ages and from all backgrounds across Scotland.”

Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre said: “We launched GSCAtHome to make sure people could still have their interest sparked by science during lockdown, and we are thrilled to have had such a response. 

“The team made an incredible effort to create videos in their homes, to come up with easy experiments with household items and find engaging ways to communicate science. 

“On social media, thousands of parents and children have shared their results with us, whether it’s making their own lava lamps, building a Mars rover or doing an egg drop challenge

“We’re extremely proud to have helped children and young people stay engaged with science during such a strange time, and we hope to see them all one day soon at Glasgow Science Centre.” The most popular videos in the GSC At Home series include Make your own lava lamps (117K views) X (No of views), How to make your own volcano (36K views) and paper planes (33K views). 

Glasgow Science Centre hopes for a return to a safe new normal in the next few weeks. GSCAtHome ended its run with the release of its final video on Sunday 23 August although special editions are still planned for the future. 

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