Dawid, The DRG

Independent restaurants are driving growth in the food and drink sector in Glasgow. This has generated with this a wide variety of career options with not only the kitchen and front of house roles but many opportunities behind the scenes in IT, finance and social media functions

The DRG is Scotland's largest independently owned restaurant group with 17 restaurants over Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The DRG employs over 900 staff.

I work with the IT department within the company. The IT department manages all the computers and tills in the restaurant. I help out by installing operating systems and working with IT components, such as deconstructing hard drives.

I was attracted to this company as it was in the city centre which is near my location. I was told this job is very flexible as there is many restaurants within the city centre that may have IT problems to fix.

I was influenced by my background and interest in electronics and hardware. I was told by the pastoral guidance department with my school that this would be a great opportunity and would help me get experience for future jobs.

The main benefits of doing a Foundation Apprenticeship are learning to work in an office environment, being responsible when handling IT equipment and gaining work experience while still studying at school.

The Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group (The DRG) is Scotland’s largest independently owned restaurant operator, founded in 1983 with the creation of the Glasgow institution, Di Maggio’s.   DRG is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company and now has 18 restaurants in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and 5 food court outlets in Scotland, Belfast and Manchester. 

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