Megan, AHS


“My experience with AHS has been absolutely amazing since the moment I was accepted to be part of this apprenticeship. I have had a variety of experiences across the hotel in such a short period of time which I look back on and can’t believe how much I’ve learned, taken part in and achieved. 


I only have positive things to say about AHS as everything I’ve wanted to do I have with this programme. I’ve been challenged and come across situations I never thought I would but I’ve always came out on top due to all the experience I have gained over the last 2 and a half years. 


From leaving school I came straight into this apprenticeship and it’s now left me with a job that I love, my original end goal has been achieved and I know so many people within the industry that have such a positive impact on it. 


I continue to push myself each day which has left me in such a good position within my hotel and ultimately resulted in me getting apprentice of the year!! All of which I couldn’t have done without the support of AHS.“

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