Ryan, Dell Technologies


Dell Technologies Inc started out as two companies with one shared vision; To provide greater access to technology for people across the world.  Dell Technologies are instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fuelled by the desire to drive human progress through human technology.


Tell us more about your apprenticeship and the job you do?

Started as a foundation apprentice (September 2018 – April 2019), coming to the Dell Glasgow site as part of my qualification in Business every Thursday and learned a wide range of what the company does and had to present a presentation that helped me secure a Modern Apprenticeship with Dell. 

Sales Support (August 2019 – November 2019) – When I came back to start my MA, I was aligned to the Acquisition team where I was given various tasks to help the ISRs and had received some training from my mentor, Mel Robertson.

Order Manager (November 2019 – present day) - After doing some sales support work for the acquisition I had helped another department in the building, CPF (Central Purchasing Facility), with one of their busiest accounts , Honeywell, and I was head hunted/ picked by the manager to become a member of the team and to take on this account as my own given me a permeant job after my apprenticeship is completed  . Now after a couple of months I have helped and made sure that this account is now in control and has no backlog of order needing booked and this has allowed me to learn and take on new accounts to grow my work portfolio.

What attracted you to this company?

The Foundation Apprenticeship attracted me to this company as I knew that it will allow me to grow in the business world and give me a good stepping stone on the career ladder. Also, by working here it allows me to aim for new roles in the company that will allow me to work/live abroad or to work remotely and talk to customer if I choose that path.

When choosing your apprenticeship what influenced your choice and how did you get information?

The opportunity of a permanent job and the salary influenced my choice as I knew that I have a chance to have a higher qualification and a job by the end of the course, which I found more appealing than going to university for 4 years and have no job at the end of it and be in student loan debt for years. I heard the information from the Head manager, Stephen McGowan, when he was telling us that our final presentation is like a big interview to get in the company.

What are the main benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

The main benefits of doing an apprenticeship is getting experience in a high-profile company and what a business environment is like. It also allows you to network with people who may be in high roles in the company and will allow you to give them a good impression of how you work, giving you the opportunity to move up in the company ladder.

Did you know that by 2025 some of the most prolific job roles in Glasgow will be in IT & Communications, Financial & Business Services and Scientific & Technology with around 25,220 roles available?  Even with these scientific advancements, there will still be a high demand for human based meta-skills to complement technology.

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