About us

At DYW Glasgow we support employers to engage with schools and help develop skilled, talented and work ready young people.

DYW plays a key part in the delivery of the Young Person’s Guarantee. We are employer led and it’s our priority to make it easier for employers to connect with young people in schools and colleges across Scotland. It’s a team effort to support young people to prepare for the world of work. Through DYW Glasgow employers can provide inspirational opportunities for young people to help them understand and develop the skills they need.

Get involved to work with local schools and colleges to help shape the future workforce.

What we do

We support you in working with schools and young people in a number of ways:

The Young Person's Guarantee is a commitment to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity.
As employers, you can build a workforce with the right skills and experience and put young people at the heart of what you do. We support employers to complete the Young Persons Guarantee paperwork.

DYW plays a key part in the delivery of the Young Person’s Guarantee

DYW Glasgow works with businesses to increase employer engagement opportunities within schools, better preparing young people for the world of work. There are many ways you can engage with schools, whether you have an hour available or more time to commit, we can support your aspirations. Working with DYW helps support Glasgow’s young people into positive destinations while also supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Discover more here.

Supporting Recruitment

DYW plays an important role in ensuring young people have access to vocational learning opportunities and entry level roles. DYW Glasgow can support you in offering these roles to young people - working with us to engage with schools can raise brand awareness and links you directly to the talent pool.

Diversity in the Workforce

DYW Glasgow works with partners to create an inclusive culture and provide opportunities for all young people. We can connect your business with a diverse range of young people who can bring wider life experience, new ideas and skills into your industry. Engaging with you with schools allowing you to inspire young people from all backgrounds to consider working in industries they may have not had exposure to previously, giving you the opportunity to drive diversity in your organisation.