For young people

Making it easy for you to connect with employers to help you understand and develop the skills you need for the world of work.

What we do

We connect industry to your school to support your understanding of the world of work.

DYW Coordinators

Every school in Glasgow has a DYW Coordinator who can support to connect with employers, ensuring you have access to work inspiration and preparation activities, work experience and volunteering.

Young Persons Guarantee

The Young Person's Guarantee is a new way to bring young people, employers and partners together, and invest in our futures. To make this happen, we've signed up employers, colleges, universities and agencies across Scotland, who all want to work with you.

Youth Ambassadors

DYW Youth Ambassadors are a diverse and dynamic group of volunteers to consulting on employment initiatives across Glasgow. As part of the Youth Ambassador programme, young people influence local initiatives and participate in employer forums.

Work Experience

The best way to understand the industry you're interested in is to experience what it's like to work in it. That includes being in the workplace, speaking to the employees and getting involved in tasks while you're there. Volunteering also provides valuable skills and insights related to the world of work. Our DYW Coordinators can support with this.


We are aiming to demonstrate that many people in interesting job roles across Scotland may not have taken a straight, obvious or traditional path to get there - that there is #NoWrongPath.

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Useful links

Young Persons Guarentee

Find out more about what the Young person's Guarantee is doing for you and use the opportunity finder to find jobs and volunteering opportunities


Marketplace host opportunities employers are offering to deliver to young people in Scotland's schools

CVs & Applications

Skills Development Scotland have fantastic information available to support you as you write your CV and complete job application forms