Climate Hero – John Thorne, Glasgow School of Art

Name: John Thorne

Company: Glasgow School of Art

Job Title: Sustainability Coordinator

School: Matched with St Roch’s Secondary School

How I chose this career path: My path has not been linear! From working in hotels, going later to university and studying rural and global development, to National Parks, travel and then universities and finally to Glasgow School of Art. My values and knowledge have over time chosen my path for me, until I found my ‘niche’ in working with and applying art and design to the issues of climate change and wider climate and social and economic justice.  

Why Climate Heroes is important to me: We need all the people, all the diversity, all knowledge and skills to solve the issues facing us as a society. Young people will inevitably face new challenges due to the decisions of older generations, and I want to work with schools and students so we can better address issues, to make our World more equitable and secure a safer future for everyone.  

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