Climate Hero – Kat McGinness, Silverburn

Name: Kat McGinness

Company: Silverburn/Workman LLP

Job Title: Environmental and Community Coordinator

School matched with: Rosshall Academy

How I chose this career path: 

I have had lots of responsibility in my role, I have covered multiple sites, developed new ways of working, carried out youth education schemes, panned community events and many more. I am also currently studying a Masters in Sustainability and Adaptation after finding my passion and deciding on a career shift. I started my journey working in Silverburn doing customer service and admin work, but thanks to a fantastic mentor and a lot of self-directed study, I managed to secure my first “Green Job”. Working in sustainability is incredibly challenging but extremely rewarding. There is always something new to learn in this ever-evolving field. Applying for a Masters as a mature student, even with my professional experience, was incredibly daunting. However, undergoing this academic journey while working in the field has been so rewarding. The day I received my acceptance to study was definitely a standout moment for me, it is just the next step in an exciting and fulfilling career.

Why Climate Heroes is important to me: 

Preparing the next generation to be a part of the climate change journey is vital. I believe Climate Heroes is important to not only inspire young people to consider a “Green Career”, but to show them the stepping stones in how to get there. To make large scale change, I believe we need the ideas and ambition that comes from working with young people. In order to tackle the Climate Emergency, we need to draw on the experiences, skills and drive of these young people to preserve the planet for the next generation.

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