Here are some useful resources and links to help support your DYW activity in school:

Atkins STEM Brochure

A pack filled with examples of activities that will have your pupils imagining, designing, experimenting and creating. Or in short, discovering their inner engineers.

Access this resource here.

Schools and Business Partnership Guidance for Education

The Scottish Government guide to support the aim of meaningful and productive school/employer partnerships operating in secondary schools.

Access this resource here.

Work Placements Standard

The standard sets out expectations for the young person, employer, school and local authority and parent/carer before, during and after work placements.

Access this resource here.

Career Education Standard

The standard recognises the journeys children and young people make as they learn about the world of work from the early years to the senior phase.

Access this resource here.

Education Scotland Resources and Case Studies

Access these resources here.

Business Partnership Work Plan and Evaluation Form

Access this resource here.