An Hour a Week, a Lifetime of Impact: Volunteer to Mentor a Young Person in Your Community with MCR Pathways

An Hour a Week, a Lifetime of Impact: Volunteer to Mentor a
Young Person in Your Community with MCR Pathways

Who are MCR Pathways?

MCR Pathways is a national, award-winning mentoring programme. The MCR charity
was established in 2007 to support young people, including those who are
care-experienced, or have experienced disadvantage, to help them realise their full
potential through education.

Our aim is to help young people unlock their potential, no matter their
circumstances. Working together with our inspiring mentor community and partners,
we can help young people realise their skills and progress onto a positive
destination. Our vision is for all young people to experience an equality of education
outcomes, career opportunities and life chances.

At the core of the MCR Pathways programme is one to one relationship-based
mentoring focused on building confidence, belief and self-esteem. Our volunteer
mentors spend an hour each week listening to and encouraging a young person in
their school.

Organisations across Scotland are working with MCR Pathways to create a wave of
positive change, impacting our schools and communities. Will you join us?

How can I help?

We need you and your organisation to help us recruit more volunteer mentors.
We believe that every young person deserves a trusted adult they can turn to for
guidance and support, and that’s where you come in. By becoming a volunteer
mentor, you have the power to make a difference in the lives of young people who
need someone to chat with, listen to them, and encourage them. Together, we can
build a strong community of mentors and move one step closer to our goal of
ensuring that all young people have the support and encouragement they need to
reach their full potential.

Seonaid McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer of the Opex Group said: “I am delighted
to have introduced the programme to our employees. Mentoring offers a unique
opportunity to share our experiences, knowledge, and guidance, empowering these
young people to achieve their potential, regardless of their background or

Every potential volunteer has something to give. If you or someone you know is able
to give just one hour a week to support a young person visit
to learn more.

If you’re in a position where you could host an Information Session at your
workplace, we’d also love to hear from you. Email our dedicated partnerships team
at or call Raymond Porter, Director of Partnerships,
on 0141 221 0200.

Please also feel free to interact with content on our own channels through likes,
retweets and shares by following @MCRPathways, or share on your own social
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What are the benefits of mentoring?

MCR mentoring transforms lives, with 81.6% of mentored care-experienced young
people achieving a positive destination after leaving school, compared to 59.8% of
non-mentored peers. Mentoring also benefits employees, increasing productivity
and improving self-confidence. As a volunteer mentor, you’ll gain valuable skills,
while making a difference in a young person’s life. With just one hour a week, you
can become a positive role model and develop skills such as leadership and

Mentoring is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to fit around your schedule, an
hour a week is all it takes. Comprehensive training is provided by MCR Pathways and
optional ongoing training and development opportunities are available throughout
the year. We offer resources and a wealth of Online Courses on our online Mentor
Hub. All in addition to the ongoing support provided by your full-time school
Pathways Coordinator.

So why not join us in our mission to transform lives through mentoring? With just one
hour a week, you can make a lasting impact on a young person’s life, while also
developing your own skills and contributing to the greater good of your community.

Jack Denton, who works at Erdington, talks about why you and others should sign
up to become a volunteer mentor with MCR Pathways. Listen to his story here.

Where can I mentor?

Find a school here and start your mentoring journey today.

Further information on the MCR Pathways programme and how to become a mentor
is available at