Maximise May: Secure your Future

Name of Activity/Project

Maximise May: Secure your Future

Target Audience

S4 – S6 leavers with no defined positive destination


DYW Glasgow/SDS/GCC Towards Better Futures/Princes Trust/Various training providers

Case Study

In conjunction with Towards Better Futures (TBF) and Skills Development Scotland (SDS), DYW Glasgow created a career carousel facilitated at the Princes Trust where 18 training and apprenticeship providers within our local network were briefed and invited to offer pathway support for young people with the intent on leaving school in summer 2023 without a defined positive destination. We greeted the young people upon arrival and after a basic aspiration assessment, signposted them to the most relevant partner in attendance as well as facilitate a one to one appointment with SDS post-school team in attendance. All pupil details were recorded and we will liaise with the relevant partner organisations to source or link to further support over the summer period.


To ensure that young people were provided with as much information as possible with regard to potential pathways to post-school support and arrange interviews for course entry where appropriate. Similarly, allowing young people the opportunity to reconnect with school and facilitate their return to education following the summer break if this was the most beneficial outcome for them.


We had 50 young people in attendance whose details were recorded and will be monitored by the Towards Better Futures and Skills Development Scotland teams over the summer and into the next academic year with any support required being offered and key work support arranged.


Maintaining tracking and guiding young people to the most relevant and beneficial key work support as required.


Jacqueline Quigley; Senior Co-ordinator (DYW) Towards Better Futures

“I would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who helped organise, set up and attend our training event at Prince’s Trust last week, where we met with around 50 young people who had no post-school destination in mind. All of those young people came away with a better idea of what they would like to do, with many of them signing up to a variety of courses on the day. This will be an enormous help to them in their journey as they leave school this summer”.

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