Climate Hero – Hanif Manesh, SMS

Name: Hanif Manesh

Job Title: Energy Consultant

Company: SMS (Smart Metering Systems)

School: Matched with Drumchapel High School

How I chose this career path:

I graduated from Strathclyde University with an honours degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering and a MPhil in Renewable Energy and Control Systems. After I graduated, I did a year placement in Hamburg as software development to design a control system model for a wind farm which I enjoyed very much thus I decided to continue my career in energy consultancy environment after moving back to the UK.

I am passionate about renewable energy and innovative design, which led me to model a control system to improve the power capture for wind turbines, as part of my thesis. I gained a rounded and robust understanding of the energy markets, policies and technologies through my career. This was achieved by investigating the business side of industry to meet customer needs for a smarter and efficient generation of renewable technologies.

My main role as an energy consultant is to develop energy consumption, cost and carbon abatement solutions for the SMS client portfolio; allowing each client to make strategic decisions relating to the management of energy and investment in technology as well as provide strategy routes for their plan to Net Zero achievement.

Why Climate Heroes is important to me:

I am passionate about renewable energy and the awareness of their impact on the environment and our daily life made me more enthusiastic to find my path and skills that I am capable of. I would like to pass this passion and enthusiasm into younger generation, so they know their capabilities and find their potential.

Twitter: @sms_plc

LinkedIn: SMS plc


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Hanif - SMS