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Living Lab – Govan Event

Are you a Glasgow based Life Science or Healthcare solution company with emphasize on Precision Medicine (Imaging; developing new, targeted healthcare solutions or dealing with Big (patient related) Data/AI)? Are you looking to signpost your company to the workforce of tomorrow, while boosting your staffs’ STEM engagement skills?

Living Lab in collaboration with the Glasgow Science Centre are planning to run a work experience pilot for five S5 pupils from Govan based high schools during the first week of June 2024. The format envisaged is that each student attends a different place of work each day, minimizing the preparation and supervision required by the participating company staff as the same task will be repeated by a different student for the five consecutive days.

Participating companies will work with the GSC to establish the day’s format including a brief site tour, the H&S requirements, and the design of a manageable task for the pupil.

GSC will also supply a student booklet containing all necessary information about each workplace and the tasks to be completed as well as a social media package for participating companies to signpost their involvement in the initiative.

To express your interest please contact Dr Kerstin Doig, Engagement & STEM Officer for Living Laboratory (kerstin.doig@glasgow.ac.uk).