QA – Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

QA Engagement Activities

QA has an impressive range of free engagement activities to inspire your learners.

Their dedicated Community Engagement Team is committed to bridging the digital skills gap and empowering your learners/participants.

‘Teach the Nation’ Workshops: Access free entry-level website design, python and programming workshops tailored to your learners’ needs.

Apprenticeship Ambassadors: Let our industry experts share their journey and insights, motivating participants to explore exciting tech careers.

Explore QA Apprenticeships: Experience interactive workshops in areas like IT Support and Digital Marketing, or group info sessions featuring videos, quizzes, and more.

Referrals: Directly refer participants through a simple form, and our team will reach out to guide them through their next steps.

Bespoke Events: Collaborate with QA to create tailored events, including interactions with our business partners, opening new horizons for your participants.

Please note that all of their services are entirely free of charge.

If the above offerings resonate with you, please reach out and let’s see how we can work together.

Please contact for further details.