School Careers Events – We Need Your Help!

Hi All,

We have a selection of Glasgow schools that need employer support in 2024 and we are looking for volunteers!

Can you provide us with some support and help shape our future workforce?

Please contact us at for further details and let us know if you or someone you know would like to get involved.

Type of Engagement:  Interactive Workshops, Inspirational Talks, Sector Awareness  

Date and Time:  June 2024  

Sector: Any   

Location:  St Rochs Secondary school  

Year Group:  S2 & S3  

Specific Equalities: Deaf young people will be involved in the activities  

Additional Information:  

St Rochs are looking to offer some employment engagement to S2 and S3 young people before the end of the school year. These year groups have had little or no engagement with employers. This is a great opportunity for employers from any sectors to provide a real-life insight into the variety of career opportunities available at your organisation.