Shipwrecked Skills Day with BIMA Scotland and Daydream Believers

Knightswood Secondary School
Eastbank Academy
St Roch’s Secondary
Holyrood Secondary
St Margaret Mary’s
Rosshall Academy
Bannerman High School
Notre Dame

Name of Activity/Project: Shipwrecked Skills Day

Name of Employer: BIMA Scotland, Daydream Believers and City of Glasgow College

Industry Sector: Creative Industries/Digital

Target Audience: S3 pupils

Partners/Stakeholders: BIMA Scotland, Daydream Believers and City of Glasgow College

Case Study

Shipwrecked Skills Day emerged as a collaborative effort between BIMA Scotland, DYW Glasgow, Daydream Believers, and the City of Glasgow College. Nearly one hundred S3 pupils from Glasgow schools participated in this innovative event hosted at the college. The day simulated a scenario of being stranded on a desert island and collaboratively crafting a sustainable habitat using their creativity and problem-solving skills. Daydream Believers tailored their Creative Thinking Qualification as the content for the day and the City of Glasgow College presented on the different creative courses they offer.


The primary goal of Shipwrecked Skills Day was to foster creativity, teamwork, and innovation among young minds. Through hands-on activities and the integration of generative A.I., the event aimed to encourage pupils to explore their creative potential and develop essential skills for the future job market, with an emphasis on the digital or creative industries.


The event exceeded expectations, with pupils fully engaged in the activities throughout the day. Working in teams, they utilised generative A.I. to design their habitats and crafted compelling brand stories. The highlight of the day was the pitch session, where each group presented their island creations. Two prizes were awarded—one for the most appealing island and another for the group demonstrating exceptional teamwork.


Shipwrecked Skills Day provided numerous benefits to all involved parties. The City of Glasgow College offered its venue and media resources for free, enriching their own media students’ learning experiences. DYW Glasgow facilitated logistics, including transportation and catering, while also providing incentives for participants. Daydream Believers tailored their curriculum to offer a unique challenge, further enhancing pupils’ creative thinking abilities. BIMA Scotland provided agency experts from their membership to give industry advice to the groups and guide them through the use of generative A.I.


Feedback from pupils was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing enthusiasm and gratitude for the immersive learning experience. DYW Glasgow hailed the event as one of their best, expressing eagerness to replicate its success in the future.

In conclusion, Shipwrecked Skills Day exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in education. By bringing together industry partners, educators, and students, such initiatives pave the way for a brighter, more creative future.


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