Skills Workshop – Network Rail

School:  St Mungo’s Academy

Type of Activity: Skills Workshop – Engineering

Name of Employer: Network Rail

Industry Sector: STEM/Engineering

Target Audience:

S1 and S2 pupils.

Case Study

In small groups, the young people were challenged to use creativity to design their own railway station. They were asked to consider inclusion and ensure the railway station is accessible for all people (stakeholders/passengers). They were also asked to think about sustainability when creating their designs then to present their ideas back to 5 members of the Network Rail Team who were mentors to the groups throughout the process.

The Brief:

Engineering – anything is possible
You are commissioned to develop a brand-new train station on some unused land next to your town which is soon to become an international travel hub with thousands of people using the train station as a transit point. Your young and creative minds have been enlisted by developers to imagine a state-of-the-art, all whistles and bells train station.

Before the challenge began, the Network Rail mentors delivered a speed networking style careers information session with the pupils, moving around each group to tell the young people about their own individual job roles, skills they use and what a typical day in their job was like. This also gave pupils the opportunity to ask their own questions.

The groups worked extremely well throughout the challenge to create innovative designs, some examples were, using solar panels to power the train station, roof gardens and renewable energy, creating a special App for customers with hearing impairments and “quiet areas” in the station for those who may find loud noise difficult, such as customers with autism.

Each group took turns to present their ideas back to the Network Rail mentors; they received both positive and constructive feedback.

Through evaluation feedback the young people noted the new skills they had learned:

• Creativity
• Problem Solving
• Team Working
• Communication
• Innovation

The workshop was attended by a diverse group of approximately 40 young people.


• Young people learned new skills
• The majority of young people in attendance are now considering careers in STEM/Engineering
• Equality outcomes met
• An enjoyable experience for both young people and the employer
• Shortly after the workshop, DYW at St Mungo’s Academy were offered a further opportunity with Network Rail, 20 spaces for S5/6 pupils to take part in the “Track to The Future” programme; 4 mentor sessions for pupils in school and 2 visits to the Network Rail offices in Glasgow.


Thank you for the feedback and for facilitating the event, it was an enjoyable success. It was a pleasure to meet you, the staff and the pupils.

Gary Gardener, Network Rail Mentor

It was a really enjoyable day for us all. I hope that Network Rail and St Mungo’s Academy can work in partnership again soon to create lots of opportunities for the pupils.

Frances Clark, Network Rail Mentor

St Mungos Q2 2023