Climate Hero – Lorna Preston, A.C.Whyte & Co. Ltd.

Name: Lorna Preston

Company: A.C.Whyte & Co. Ltd.

Job Title: Client Relationship Manager

Climate Heroes name – Lorna Preston

School: Matched with Barrhead High School

How I chose this career path: A short history of your academic/work experience pathway. You can talk about how you overcame challenges, or any stand out moments that guided you on your journey.

After studying History at university, I started my career in Housing Management which exposed me to working in communities and helping local people and groups overcome their challenges.  10 years later I moved to Hong Kong as a teacher, and this strengthened my commitment to developing young people to achieve their goals.   On return to Scotland, I moved into Construction and Energy Efficiency, transforming homes, communities and lives for the better.

Why Climate Heroes is important to me: 

My career so far has been varied and I’m a believer in that you can adapt yourself and your direction at any time in life and you can grow your skills to match future opportunities.  With a focus now in the Energy Efficiency industry with A.C. Whyte, retrofitting homes and buildings, I am committed to exposing young people to the opportunities in our sector over the coming decades.

Twitter: @ACWhyteLtd

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