Climate Hero – Molly McLeod Armstrong, BakerHicks

Name: Molly McLeod Armstrong

Company: BakerHicks

Job Title: Sustainability Graduate

School – Matched with Taylor High School, New Stevenston

How I chose this career path:

I was always an eco-club member at school, the friend that would give people bother for littering, the vegetarian at kids parties but to be perfectly honest, I sort of fell into Sustainability after University. When I was at school ‘Green Jobs’ were less known about/maybe seen as less important, so I was never directed toward a Sustainability job. I grew up loving Music, Graphics/Technical & Geography and so looking back, it absolutely screams my current role in Sustainability at a Design/Engineering firm. I studied Geography at Heriot-Watt University and was given the opportunity to switch over to the Urban Planning and Property course. My interest in Sustainability became more obvious when subjects like global challenges – covering UN Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Action really caught my attention. When I found my role at BakerHicks, it really felt like everything fell into place & my passion began to align with my career.

Why Climate Heroes is important to me:

Although I can’t necessarily blame anyone for not pointing me in the direction of the Sustainability Career Path, I can’t help but wonder if that climate conscious teenager knew that one day she could do a job that would allow her to contribute to saving the planet AND get paid to do it, maybe the path would have been less bumpy.

I’d love to be that person to spark that thought for someone and be living proof that when you merge your career and your passion together – great things happen – for people and the planet.

Twitter: @BakerHicks_1957

LinkedIn: BakerHicks


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