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Young workers chat to Hepburn about raising profile of scheme

Tigers - training providers and employment brokers - are aiming to increase awareness of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.

And their work was given a boost when a group of their apprentices had the opportunity to interview Jamie Hepburn MSP, Minister for Employability and Training, at the Scottish Parliament on the importance of apprenticeships.

A Modern Apprenticeship is a way for young people to earn a wage, gain practical work experience in the workplace and work towards and industry-recognised qualification.

The meeting focused on the benefits to individuals, firms and the Scottish economy and the long term views of the Scottish Government on how apprenticeships may evolve to support workforce development.

The apprentices represented a variety of sectors, including construction, early years, digital and business administration.

Pauline Scott, operations director at TIGERS, said: "We are delighted the Minister agreed to be interviewed by our current apprentices on matters that can shape the future of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland. The opportunity afforded the apprentices direct access to the minister to gain his views on how we can raise the profile, benefits and reputation of Modern Apprenticeships."

Alannah Craig, 17, is a business administration apprentice with Allied Vehicles. She says she got a lot out of the visit to the Scottish Parliament.

She said: "I enjoyed the experience and listening to the minister's opinions on apprenticeships and how we can attract more young people to undertake a MA and encourage other businesses to recruit apprentices.

"This opportunity will really help my career as a young apprentice to move forward and work my way up the ladder within the working environment".

Liam McGuire, 19 - a construction apprentice with Carillion - said: "I found the whole experience an eye opener to see the focus on apprenticeships by the Scottish Government and how they plan to make them more appealing for people my own age.

"It's made me think more about myself and how important it is to seize every opportunity I have been given to further my career."

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