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Glasgow Science Centre launches Powering the Future Week

Glasgow Science Centre will launch Powering the Future Week on Monday 17 August.

A new, energy-themed video will be released at 10am every day as part of GSCAtHome’s programme, which has been bringing daily fun science to children across the UK since before lockdown.

Children will discover how energy is relevant to their everyday lives, from finding out about renewable sources like hydroelectricity and wind turbines, to designing and powering their own transport of the future.

Powering the Future Week on GSCAtHome has been produced with sponsorship from OPITO, the global not-for-profit-skills body for the energy industry.

Jill Glennie, director, external affairs, OPITO said, “We hope the week-long ‘Powering the Future’ programme will inspire viewers as they discover more about energy and how it powers everything around us. Please tune in to the Glasgow Science Centre YouTube Channel from 10am, 17 August - and enjoy!”

Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre said, “We are very grateful to OPITO for supporting us to create these energy-themed videos on GSCAtHome.

“With these, and our long-standing partnership with them on OurFuture.Energy, we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers for the energy industry.”

Glasgow Science Centre’s Powering the Future Week on GSCAtHome will also be complemented by a special issue of the charity’s The Spark family science magazine and an online energy workshop being facilitated by the community and learning development team during the week.

Glasgow Science Centre’s Powering the Future Week will run from Monday 17 August to Sunday 23 August. The videos will be broadcast every day on Glasgow Science Centre’s social media channels, and people can follow the activity and get involved using #PoweringtheFutureWeek and #GSCAtHome.